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The Bonn-Duisdorf  Vocational College (Berufskolleg)

The Bonn-Duisdorf Vocational College  (Berufskolleg) offers training to students aged 16 and above. There are approximately 1800 students both part-time and full-time. The college has two main departments, the Commercial department and the Agricultural department. In each department there is a special needs unit.

The Commercial department offers full-time courses in business studies including  accounting, business administration, office management and IT studies.  Some 75% of the students study for a career in business, gaining commercial qualifications in the above areas. These courses prepare the students for positions in, for example, sales and business management. Many of these students go on to higher (tertiary) education.

There are also part-time (day release) courses that not only prepare students for professional qualifications in office management and in logistics, but also for qualifications that facilitate access to higher education institutes. 

In addition the department offers evening courses for  adults who have completed an apprenticeship and are in work.  These are three-year courses  that enable students to qualify for positions in management or to attend higher  education courses.

Some 20% of students study in the Agricultural department which offers a wide range of educational opportunities that include day release courses in agriculture, gardening and landscaping. The department's full-time courses offer students the chance to obtain the necessary qualification (Fachabitur) for higher education (tertiary) courses.

In addition there is a gardening programme (full-time) designed to help young people who have not been able to find an apprenticeship or who have dropped out of an apprenticeship or a job. The goal is to reintegrate them into the world of work by improving their qualifications and their chances to secure work.

All the courses offered by the college lead to each of the different German school leaving certificates. Most of the courses provide work-experience programmes. These programmes also give the students (including those with learning difficulties) who have not obtained a formal school leaving certificate, the necessary professional qualifications.

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